Artwork Specifications

  • Outline fonts or make them curves. You may also provide all fonts used in artwork.
  • Trim Size: Size of counter mats chosen. (add .25 inch all around for bleeds)
  • Images (1/2 tones) should be at least 300 DPI for reproduction and saved as a high resolution PDF file. Save as RGB for PMS colors.
  • Line art (type) scans should be at lest 1800 DPI for reproduction.
  • Use the link below to send us your artwork. Compressing the files as a zip or stuff file can help uploading.
    This is our site for uploading artwork.
    Do not send disks/CDs, unless requested.

  • Send in all the necessary materials. When materials are received (order form and artwork) we will confirm receipt of your order.

Artwork via E-Mail

If you decide to send your artwork via e-mail, please inform your customer service representative so we can look for it and download it as expeditiously as possible. For files larger than 10 MB you must compress your artwork using Stuffit Deluxe® for Macintosh or WinZip® for Windows whenever possible. This will decrease the download time on our end and allow us to process your order more quickly. Please e-mail your artwork in an a high resolution PDF file.

Additional Information

Whether sending us a disk by mail, courier or art via e-mail, always convert text to paths. But please, always include all screen and printer fonts used in your artwork.

8.5 in. + .25 in. each side for bleed
7.0 inches + .25 in. each side for bleed
Logo scanned in at 1800 DPI (Dots per Inch) artwork example Artwork must be saved PC format as a high resolution PDF file.
Photo scanned in at 300 DPI saved as a high resolution PDF file.
Final File was created at a page size of 8.5" x 7" - .25" bleeds
ALL Mouse Pads Have ROUNDED Corners